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Mop dog mop

Pulik are often called mop dogs, and now you can have an actual mop that looks like a puli! Available from Japanese website fellisimo, it comes in three colours, and is touted as a way of having a dog if you are allowed to own one. Apparently you can give your mop dog a bath …

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Bathing a Puli

Mojo in the tub

The first thing you should know about bathing a puli is that it is time consuming. The second thing that you should know, is that you must dry them completely. If your puli doesn’t get fully dry, he will smell. Hopefully you got your puli used to baths as a puppy. Your puppy class instructor …

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Puli Purse

puli, purse, fuzzy nation

While I’ve never been much of a fashionista, and I don’t tend towards large purses, I want this handbag from FuzzyNation. So far it only comes in black, but it has a cute pink tongue, and posable legs! The best part is that you can bring a puli with you wherever you go, for those …

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