The Puli

Puli, Bojtár, sheep, herding

Bojtár tucking a sheep back to the group.

The puli is a medium sized Hungarian sheepdog. The breed is best known for it’s corded coat that looks like dreadlocks. The cords form naturally from the felting/weaving of the long coarse overcoat with the soft undercoat. Although no direct intervention is required to make the coat cord, daily maintenance will keep it from “over cording” and matting. Unlike most dog coats, a puli’s will grow continuously, and if left long enough, will eventually reach the ground. This weatherproof coat is most often seen in black or white, and sometimes grey or apricot.

Puli, Bojtár, fetch slipper

Would you like your slippers?



Pulik are playful and very intelligent. They form very close bonds, and tend to be very unhappy when they are left out of any family activity. As a working breed pulik have stamina, and like to have a job to do. Failure to provide a job for them will result in your puli creating a job of his own. This puli-created job is often viewed by humans as mischief. Or they may choose to inform you of everything they observe through the window. The puli is known to be a very vocal breed. They are long lived – 15 to 17 years is not uncommon, and stay puppy-like their whole lives.


For specific breed standards, you can see the CKC’s page, or the AKC’s page.

For some FAQs, check out this post or click on the About the Puli link in the categories.

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