Doesn’t Your Puli Get Hot?

Bojtar the puli keeping cool

Bojtár lying on his back keeping cool.

Yes, my puli gets hot, but not any hotter than most other dogs out in the sun. Like all dogs, most of their heat loss is achieved through panting, with some cooling through their foot pads. A puli’s coat actually helps protect them from some of the heat by creating an insulating layer. Clipping the coat will not make them cooler, you are just removing the protective layer. A black coat will heat up in the sun more than other colours, and if given the option a puli will choose a shady spot to stay and reduce their activity level.


The puli coat has been this way for generations because it works – water repellant, warm in the winter, heat protection in the summer, and sunglasses all year round.


Bojtar the puli keeping cool by lying on a coolmat.

Bojtár keeping cool lying on his coolmat (the green bit sticking out).

Worried about your puli in hot weather? Here are some tips that we find useful:

                    • Keep plenty of fresh water available.
                    • Trim the hair on their belly and feet (how much is personal preference). 
                    • Plan your walks or activities for the cooler parts of the day and take frequent rests in the shade.
                    • If outside, be sure that shade is available as well as water.
                    • Consider purchasing a cool mat. A review of two brands by a puli owner can be found here.
Mojo the puli enjoying the breeze from the fan

Mojo enjoying the breeze from the fan


Every puli is different, and will want to cool down in different ways. Some like sitting in front of a fan, others will find the coolest room in the house. A concrete pad in the shade for some, while others like to dig in the dirt. Provide a wading pool and some pulik will jump right in, while some will treat it as lava. Ice cubes as a treat can be hit or miss too!


Stay cool in the heat, and keep an eye on your puli for any signs of over heating.

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